Jos has 20 years of experience as a CEO, Chairman and Board Member of private and public global companies in logistics and supply chain optimization, parcel distribution, automotive assembly, industrial real estate, ecommerce, technology, MRO distribution, and warehouse automation. He is a seasoned executive with a true passion for the development of best-in-class enterprises and has a strong track record with demonstrable and repeated success in complex business and cultural transformation projects.

Jos is a multi-lingual, energetic, and growth-oriented professional with good interpersonal skills based on a strong set of supportive core values and behaviors, as well as an unwavering belief in the collective power of individuals and teams to maximize potential.

Recent Blogs

Reflections on the World Athletics Championship in Doha

Last week, the eyes of the world’s press turned to Doha and its hosting of the World Athletics Championships. Here in the UK interest was intense. Dinah Asher Smith’s victory in the 200 meters was a masterclass of controlled and specialised technique, but it was Katerina Johnson Thompson’s Gold in Heptathlon that caught my eye. …

Why Trust matters in the workplace — and why we should care

Across much of the developed world, faith in institutions is rupturing. Modern day politics, with a regrettable tendency to provide impulsive, populistic solutions to problems of extreme complexity, contributes to an undercurrent of skepticism, which in turn feeds further unease and polarization, undermining confidence. In a host of democracies, leadership is variously described as broken, …