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Fair Value


Fair Value is unique – a book about business that serves not as a blue-print but a reflection on our lives – and how we might live them better.

In Fair Value, Jozef Opdeweegh makes the passionate case that our pursuit of profit is no longer enough.  Through a collection of reflective essays, he draws on observations as diverse as ‘the coins in our pockets’ to ‘why companies make bad decisions’. 

The culmination of over twenty years in senior leadership roles, Fair Value is a refreshingly different take on how business might better enrich our lives and make a difference for the good. Thoughtful, philosophic, and inclusive, Fair Value will help you to see the world of commerce and its direction with fresh and more hopeful eyes.

Written by Jozef Opdeweegh, Art by JB Hopkins

The primary concepts of the book are the navigation of decision-making and the joining of two paths – value creation and the values upon which leaders make decisions. As such, the illustrations – developed by professional artist and cartoonist, JB Hopkins – capture the idea of a crossroads or journey to a destination

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