Jos talks with a depot employee.
Jos visits a Connect Group depot.
Jos has 17 plus years of experience as CEO, Chairman and Board Member of global companies.
Jos is a graduate of University of Hasselt in Belgium with a Masters in Business Administration.
Jos explains his business practices.
Jozef created six successful private and public events of liquidity.
Jos at the office.
Jozef and his wife.
Jozef in front of the office.
Jos and his wife at their house.
Jozef and his wife outside.
Jos sits in on a business intelligence meeting.
Jozef discusses the importance of talent management.
Jos talks about his ideals of servant leadership.
Jozef discusses the basic tenets of corporate culture.
Jos giving background on how his upbringing shaped his career.
Jos discusses the factors that create a top sales team.
Jozef discusses the method to creating steadfast leaders.
Jos sits down to talk about the do’s and don’ts of International business practice.
Jos expands on his personal life and how raising a family informs business strategy.
Jozef gives recommendations on how to fix an underperforming business.
Page 1 of Jos’ interview on his experience as a CEO.
Page 2 of Jos’ interview on his experience as a CEO.

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