Jozef J. Opdeweegh

Jozef Opdeweegh CEO

Chief Executive Officer/Board Member

  • 17 plus years of experience as CEO, Chairman and Board Member of global companies, private and public, up to 17,000 employees and 300 m of EBITDA.
  • Experience includes 4 CEO positions in global logistics and supply chain optimization, industrial real estate (REIT) and B2B ecommerce driven technology distribution.
  • Creation of 6 successful events of liquidity for private and public shareholders.
  • Seasoned executive with a true passion for the development of best in class enterprises, generating profitable revenue growth and consistently superior levels of shareholders wealth.
  • Strong track record with demonstrable and repeated success in complex business and cultural transformation projects.
  • Relevant experience as an executive or non-executive Board Member in 5 continents in the fields of supply chain optimization, industrial real estate, B2B industrial distribution, warehouse automation and technology.

Multi-lingual, energetic and growth oriented professional with strong interpersonal skills based on core behaviors of respect, fairness, openness and loyalty. Fast paced, goal oriented and versatile leader. Passionate team builder with an unwavering belief in a value based, apolitical and customer centric culture to drive performance and enhance the overall external and internal customer experience. Excellent presentation and effective communication skills in front of investors, boards, customers and associates. Strong mathematical and analytical skills as well as financial literacy

Relevant areas of expertise include:

  • Leadership of complex organizations with presence in EAME, the Americas and APAC
  • Extensive capital markets expertise
  • Transformative M&A, domestically and internationally
  • Management of large change initiatives, such as recruitment of new executive team, organizational redesign and right-sizing, ERP implementations, network optimization and enterprise restructuring
  • Complex corporate carve-outs
  • Talent management and development
  • CFO and COO experience
  • Chairman and Board Member
  • Audit committee membership
  • Compensation committee membership
  • Nomination committee membership

Professional and Board experience

Consulting to large cap Private Equity Funds

(Nov 2016 – now)

Buy-side due diligence

Due diligence and advice related to acquisitions in the field of industrial real estate, warehouse automation, B2B services, software and technology, ecommerce, supply chain optimization and distribution.

 Premier Farnell plc, London, UK

(April 2016 – Nov 2016)

Chief Executive Officer and Member of the Board

Premier Farnell PLC has been acquired by Avnet

 Premier Farnell plc is a global, high-service manufacturer and distributor of technology products and solutions for electronic system design, prototyping and piloting. It operates in 32 countries globally. Premier Farnell has a multi-channel distribution approach that ensures the availability of the latest technology products, services, and development software, connected to an industry leading online engineering community and supported by a sophisticated global supply chain. The majority of Premier Farnell’s revenue is created through on-line sales.

 Led the sale of the company to Avnet at a 71% premium to the share price and created a very significant EBIT improvement. (1 b GBP of revenue, 90 m GBP of EBITDA). 

  • Increased constant F/X EBIT YOY by 24%;
  • Halted gross margin decline which had troubled the company for multiple years;
  • Reversed negative revenue trends into growth in all of the key geographies;
  • Identified and implemented 13 m GBP of new annualized cost savings for the company, 8 m GBP of which within FY;
  • Developed comprehensive plans for organizational redesign, ERP implementation and overhaul, network simplification and working capital reduction;
  • Clearly laid out the strategic development needs of the company for the board;
  • Developed a very well documented “make or sell” analysis for the board;
  • Disposed of non-core assets at accretive valuation levels;
  • Developed a new comprehensive 5-year strategic plan;
  • Introduced a culture of prioritization, clear communication, empowerment, openness, speed, simplicity, fairness and cohesiveness;
  • Provided stewardship through visibility and active in person communication in an environment of rapid change and uncertainty.


Neovia (previously Caterpillar Logistics Services), Dallas, TX

(Aug 2012 – Nov 2015)

Chief Executive Officer and Member of the Board

Neovia was sold to new PE investors

Neovia is a specialized provider of complex value chain optimization services and supporting IT. Neovia was a subsidiary of Caterpillar that was spun off in 2012 when Caterpillar sold 65% of the shares of the company to private equity investors. After a very complex carve-out, it has since operated as a standalone company that is the global market-leader in its segment. Neovia currently has over 110 facilities in 26 countries and 6 continents. The company experienced a successful event of liquidity when it was sold to new ownership in 2015. (Revenue 1 b USD, EBITDA 160 m USD) 

  • Carved out a subsidiary of Caterpillar and created a fully stand-alone company without any further reliance on support of the previous parent company;
  • Generated record revenue levels with industry leading EBITDA-margins and levels of return on capital;
  • Increased EBITDA by 23% between the spin off in mid 2012 and 2014 despite the requirement to invest 25 m in sales and support functions that were not in place at the point in time of the spin off;
  • Reinvigorated the business development activity with an increase by a factor of five in newly awarded contracts and a recent F/X adjusted YOY organic revenue growth of 17.8% (Q2 2015 versus Q2 2014);
  • Led a successful sale of the business to a new ownership group at a 3X multiple of equity value.

Interline Brands, Jacksonville, FL

(Dec 2012 – Sep 2015)

Non-executive Board Member

Interline Brands was sold to the Home Depot

Interline Brands is a leading distributor of MRO products to institutional, residential and multi-family customers. The company was sold to The Home Depot in August of 2015. (Revenue 1.2 b USD, EBITDA 120 m USD)

The company was taken private in 2012. Under the guidance of an active board, the company has successfully focused on:

  • Profitable revenue growth with a 19% EBITDA increase between 2012 and 2014;
  • Transitioning the company from brand centricity to customer centricity, with consolidation of brands;
  • Simplification of multi-channel sales strategy with strong focus on e-commerce;
  • Implementation of a very effective new CRM with tangible results on organic growth;
  • Cost effectiveness of product sourcing;
  • Working capital optimization with avoidance of duplicative inventory;
  • Successful sale of the company at a 2X multiple of equity value.

Americold Realty Trust, Atlanta, GA

Americold Logistics, Atlanta, GA

(2008 – 2012)

Chief Executive Officer and Member of the Board

Americold Realty Trust is the world’s largest owner of temperature-controlled warehouses for the storage and handling of frozen food products with 184 facilities internationally. It is a REIT that operates its owned warehouses.

More than doubled the revenue and the EBITDA of the company through a combination of productivity improvements, organic growth, acquisitions and new construction. Initiated and managed a significant number of change initiatives to put the company on the path to achieving a best-in-class status with a strong customer centric focus. (Revenue 2.5 b USD, EBITDA 275 m USD)

Other accomplishments:

  • Increased EBITDA from 130 m to 275 m;
  • Increased EBITDA margin by 6.4% through productivity gains and SG&A optimization;
  • Acquired and successfully integrated a large acquisition target;
  • Introduced principles of standardization, lean sigma and ISO to the industry;
  • Implemented a new fully integrated ERP platform.

Syncreon (previously TDS Logistics), Auburn Hills, MI

(2000 – 2007)

Chief Executive Officer and Member of the Board

Syncreon was sold to a strategic investor

Syncreon is a specialized provider of complex assembly and supply chain services to the automotive and the technology industry with 60 facilities in 11 countries. (Revenue 600 m USD, EBITDA 94 m USD)

Grew the revenue of the company by 600% while increasing the EBITDA by 900%. Built a global company with the achievement of world-class levels of quality in the verticals served.

Other accomplishments:

  • Increased the EBITDA from 5 m to 94 m;
  • Increased EBITDA-margins by 8% through productivity improvements and pricing discipline on new contracts;
  • Expanded the footprint from 4 to 60 facilities;
  • Developed and implemented a new pricing methodology;
  • Successfully sold the company in 2004 (4X) and 2006 (2.5X).

Syncreon (f/k/a TDS), Hasselt, Belgium

(1997 – 2000)

CFO -> (multi) Plant Manager -> Managing Director Europe

Built business from inception to a platform of 7 facilities throughout Europe with diversified and enhanced service offerings generating a revenue growth from zero to over $120 million.

BNP Paribas, Brussels, Belgium

Branch manager corporate banking

Leader of a branch focusing on corporate lending and other banking services to medium sized and large companies such as foreign exchange, commodity hedging, M&A and asset management. Received most successful branch manager award in second year of employment.